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    January 2022

    Headless CMS


BETS is an ambitious project based in Brazil, offering betting services along with live match information and sports news from around the world. TekCreative was entrusted with the responsibility of providing development support and expert consultancy. This led to a comprehensive range of services, including React development work, intricate API integrations, and rigorous penetration tests to ensure top-notch security. Following the successful consultancy, the project demanded a headless CMS solution for displaying and sharing sports news. TekCreative skillfully implemented Ghost CMS with Next.js to achieve this goal. Additionally, payment API integrations and sports data API integration were seamlessly integrated into the system. Taking it a step further, TekCreative delivered a robust backend system for user accounts, facilitating smooth user interactions. The team also implemented an affiliate program to enhance user engagement and drive growth. To optimize communication with users, API email services were thoughtfully integrated. The completion of the live score portal, payment gateway integrations, user accounts, affiliate programs, and API email services underscores TekCreative's commitment to delivering comprehensive and feature-rich solutions for the BETS project. This successful collaboration not only fulfilled the client's vision but also strengthened their online presence and user engagement in the competitive world of sports betting and news.


The work process for the current project comprised a series of distinct, smaller tasks, each treated as an individual project before being integrated into the main project. TekCreative consistently adhered to a structured approach throughout, encompassing four key steps: investigation, design, development, and testing. This systematic and meticulous workflow fostered the successful completion of each task and, in turn, forged a strong and enduring business relationship. The commitment to this proven pattern ensured a reliable and efficient project execution, ultimately contributing to the project's overall success and the establishment of a fruitful long-term partnership.


  • Business and IT consultancy
  • Discovery session
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • API integration
  • Vercel deployment
  • Multirepo maintenance


  • React
  • NextJs
  • TypeScript
  • API
  • Headless CMS
  • API email
  • Cloudflare
  • Cloudflare Workers
  • MongoDB
BETS - betting company
BETS brasil


In essence, this project presented a substantial and intricate undertaking, accompanied by numerous challenges and unforeseen factors that arose along the way. The primary challenge involved comprehending the intricacies of the business and identifying the optimal solutions for integrating live data APIs, payment APIs, and the betting platform. As unfamiliar territory for the client, we proactively engaged with each service independently, meticulously discussing our steps and actions. This collaborative approach proved pivotal in successfully executing all the required integrations. The second significant challenge arose from the need to merge three separate apps, developed in React and Next.js, utilizing both JavaScript and TypeScript, into a single repository. Our objective was to serve them under one unified domain without overhauling the entire infrastructure. To tackle this, we devised a solution by creating a mono repository containing all three apps, and we served them collectively from a single Vercel account. The final notable challenge encompassed the creation of a robust backend for the main app, coupled with the integration of an external MongoDB. We ensured the backend accommodated diverse user types, ranging from simple users to affiliates, who could share their affiliate links and monitor their incomes through the backend. Additionally, we diligently synchronized users' data and payment details with their respective accounts, maintaining a comprehensive record of all transactions for marketing purposes. By overcoming these substantial hurdles and adeptly executing the complex tasks, we were able to deliver a successful and comprehensive solution, earning our client's satisfaction and fostering a productive long-term partnership.


  • Payment gateway integration
  • Windrow functionality
  • Crossplatforms API integration
  • Monorepo
  • Cloudflare workers
  • Users dashboard
  • Affiliate program functionality
  • Cache and SEO
BETS mobile website
BETS website


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