Define the brand, build the website and create a multifunctional client portal.


    Financial Agent LTD

    September 2022


Financial Agent approached us intending to establish a strong online presence, beginning with branding and culminating in the development of a versatile customer portal. Through a comprehensive discovery session, we devised a strategic plan encompassing branding, UX/UI Design, web development, and SEO. With a clear direction in mind, we meticulously analyzed the business, the product, the competition, and current trends, resulting in a successful implementation of our plan that yielded an exceptional business portal and a comprehensive brand book. Our client remained actively engaged throughout the process due to our effective use of CRM and collaborative work strategy. We ensured constant communication and transparency by involving the client in progress updates, meetings, and discussions about the final product.


To achieve our success, we adhered to our well-defined process of research, design, development, and testing, with the client actively involved at each stage, providing input and making decisions. Our journey began with comprehensive branding work, including the definition of fonts, colours, and brand guidelines. These foundational elements played a crucial role in shaping our design approach. Building upon our branding efforts, we proceeded to design the product. This involved conducting thorough market research and gaining a deep understanding of market requirements and emerging trends. Once the design was approved, we seamlessly transitioned into website development, ensuring the content was populated and optimizing it for SEO. To maintain a consistently high standard, we diligently undertook website maintenance tasks, ensuring it stayed up-to-date and easily accessible for users.


  • Branding
  • UX / UI Design
  • Web Development
  • Maintenance


  • WordPress
  • ACF
  • CloudFlare
  • Woocommerce
  • SMTP
Financial Agent mobile view
Financial Agent responsive website


The primary challenge of the project revolved around developing an intuitive user portal for Financial Agent's clients in Mortgages, Accounting, and Insurance. This portal allows clients to effortlessly log in, submit necessary documents for mortgage services, track progress, and communicate seamlessly with Financial Agent. To address this challenge, we employed a variety of techniques. Firstly, we integrated WooCommerce with WordPress, harnessing its capabilities to create a user-friendly interface. Simultaneously, we designed and implemented a separate dashboard specifically tailored for administrators, empowering them to easily locate clients, review their information, download documents, and add new files, among other functionalities. Recognizing the importance of effective communication, we incorporated an internal chat system. This chat facilitated seamless interactions between clients and the company, notifying users via email when new messages were received and even allowing document uploads when necessary. Furthermore, we placed a strong emphasis on security. We conducted comprehensive testing to ensure server stability and identify any potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, we ensured compliance with GDPR to protect user data and privacy. By successfully addressing these challenges and implementing robust security measures, we created a user portal that streamlined the mortgage services process while maintaining a high level of data protection and usability.


  • Different user types
  • Registration check and confirmation
  • Approval status on uploaded files
  • Internal custom chat
  • Email notifications on user updated information
  • User status change
Financial Agent mobile website
Financial Agent users platform


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